Cortes-roasted coffee expands off-island, now brewed at Quadra eatery

A white cup and saucer with steam coming off and coffee beans scattered around on the flat surface.
Island Farm to Table now serves Becca's Beans French Roast to their customers. Photo by Mike Kenneally on Unsplash.
Anastasia Avvakumova - CKTZ - Cortes IslandBC | 23-01-2023
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Becca's Beans, a Cortes Island-based coffee roaster, has expanded with its first new off-island partnership as the new coffee supplier to Island Farm to Table, a café in Quathiaski Cove on the neighbouring island of Quadra.

A woman in an apron holds a plate of baked goods and more pastries are in the foreground.

Mary Turner opened Island Farm to Table partly to make use of the excess produce and protein coming from her own farm. Photo courtesy of Mary Turner.

Becca's Beans co-owner Doug McCaffry said the new partnership came about by happy accident, when he and his wife and business partner Melanie stopped into the café for a meal and asked about the current coffee supplier.

The McCaffrys bought Becca's Beans in 2021, and this is their first off-island distribution channel since then, although they've also collaborated with another local business to create a new product.

Island Farm to Table's owner Mary Turner says she's committed to sourcing local products and ingredients. The café staff team did a blindfold taste test of coffees where Becca's came out the winner, motivating the switch from a more commercial coffee bean supplier to Becca's.

Turner's focus on other local suppliers includes ingredients and pantry items from producers on Quadra, Vancouver and Salt Spring Islands, as well as Cortes-based Nanagumps Berry Farm.

Listen below to the CKTZ interview with Becca's Beans co-owner Doug McCaffry and Island Farm to Table's owner Mary Turner: