Coffee collaboration supports local businesses, brings new products to Cortes

Roasted coffee beans displayed in a glass bowl.
Med-Man Brand has produced Chiapas coffee beans, locally-roasted by Becca’s Bean Coffee Roastery. Photo by Thaddeus Conrad.
Loni Taylor - CKTZ - Cortes IslandBC | 15-11-2022
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Food processing infrastructure is limited on Cortes Island. There is only one coffee roasting facility, and, up until recently, there was only one food business producing roasted coffee beans on Cortes. Thanks to a collaboration with Becca’s Beans, local business Med-Man Brand is now offering coffee made from Chiapas-sourced Mexican beans. 

Med-Man Brand is a college and medicinal cannabis enterprise that recently relocated to Cortes Island. Becca’s Beans also went through a major transition exactly one year ago, when Doug and Melanie McCaffry purchased the business from Becky and Scott Knudsen. Doug and Med-Man Brand owner Thaddeus Conrad began discussing the coffee collaborations this summer.

Both business owners are excited about sharing the infrastructure and are open to more coffee-roasting collaborations in the future. CKTZ asked Doug if he was concerned about helping his competition through the partnership, and the local businessman said "no."

“Not at all—that would be like General Motors supplying wheels for a German automotive company or something. We can work together quite happily, I think, and maybe we can explore more possibilities down the road.”

To hear more about Becca’s Beans and Med-Man Brand collaborating with coffee, listen to the CKTZ News Update below: