Budget update: Road improvements, council compensation cost of living increases

A light brown brick community centre, with a green lawn and picnic bench in front of its antechamber.
Highline Hall in Wellington, Ontario, where PEC councillors meet while Shire Hall in Picton is renovated. Photo by Alex Wright.
CJPE - 99.3 FM - CJPE - PictonON | 23-01-2023
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Last week, Prince Edward County council gave the green-light for staff to earmark $700,000 from the remainder 2021 and 2022 Municipal Accommodations (MAT) Tax revenue to be dedicated to road construction in the upcoming budget.

This approval comes in the wake of the county approving a five-year phase-in of increased funding to improve Prince Edward County roads.

The county also approved of staff recommended mayor and council compensation changes which amounted to an increase of over six per cent because of increased cost of living (as determined by the Consumer Price Index), and the inclusion of a new $1,000 per year health care spending account.

The Committee of the Whole also passed an amended motion that instructed staff to look at alternative healthcare benefits, childcare expense coverage, cellphone/internet expense coverage, equity and inclusion/equity of access, and scope of work evaluation for council positions in the future.

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