The Local Journalism Initiative

The Canada-info.ca website is a showcase of the community journalism done in previously underserved communities across the country by journalists hired as part of the Local Journalism Initiative (LJI).

The LJI was launched by the Community Radio Fund of Canada (CRFC) in 2020 to increase the production of local civic news by community and campus radio stations and type B Indigenous radio stations serving areas where local news is poor or simply unavailable.

The project is funded by the Government of Canada. The LJI’s objective is to increase community radio stations’ capacity to produce and broadcast local news to help keep their communities informed. The selected projects rolled out in early 2020 and will continue until March 31, 2021.

Select radio stations received up to $50,000 to hire a journalist, a freelance journalist or in some cases, a number of freelance journalists.

Promoting local news

The LJI both develops local news for the station’s communities, but also gives the news produced in these underserved communities a national spotlight.

The LJI website Canada-info.ca will showcase local journalism being produced by the journalists hired through the project. Currently there are 22 participating community and campus radio stations spread out across the country in both official languages. The LJI continues to expand the project and hire more journalists to work in more underserved areas.

In collaboration with the Alliance des radios communautaires du Canada, l’Association des radiodiffuseurs communautaires du Québec and the National Campus and Community Radio Association the CRFC is working to ensure the success of the LJI and the broadcasting of news produced by grant recipients.