Vaccine breakdown: Pfizer vs. Moderna vaccines in BC

A graphic of a close up of the COVID-19 virus in the wind.
COVID-19 vaccines are arriving in Canada this week from Pfizer and Moderna. Photo courtesy of PHG Foundation website.
Pamela Haasen - CICK - SmithersBC | 15-12-2020

As COVID-19 vaccines arrive this week and are distributed across the country, Canadians may be overwhelmed with the rapidity of information about the vaccine options.

"When can we get it? How can we get it? Who is the first to receive it?"

CICK News journalist Chris Gareau breaks down the information from Dr. Bonnie Henry's public address regarding the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in B.C.

Tune in to CICK News to hear the full story and check out the interview clip attached here:

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