“What Home Looks Like”: A new story book and exhibit for Entry Island

A photo taken by a drone from Big Hill on Entry Island.
A photo behind Big Hill via a drone on Entry Island. Photo courtesy of go.yolo, Instagram.
Jonathan Patton - - Cap-Aux-MeulesQC | 15-12-2020

A children's picture book and exhibit is being created on the history and culture of Entry Island.

The “What Home Looks Like” project has two major components to it: community creation and heritage content creation and delivery. The project will create a produce a children’s picture book based on the local legend “Farmer," and what life was like on Entry Island in the 1920s and 1930s.

Jarrett Quinn, development agent for Entry Island, explains that the first phase involved obtaining feedback from Entry Islanders as to where their favourite spot was on the Island and to hear stories that were passed down to them from their ancestors.

The second phase will be to use the information obtained from Entry Islanders to help the artist and writer to create a new children’s storybook. The book will be used to anchor a series of in-person and virtual children’s storytelling events which is expected to happen in the spring of 2021.

And, finally, the project will be complete with not only a book, but the development of a heritage exhibit to introduce children to the history, culture, people, geography and build heritage of Entry Island.

In the interview below, Quinn explains to us the process of the project and its expected outcomes: