Abbotsford Food Bank accessed primarily by mothers, marginalized women

Dave Murray pictured in the Abbotsford Food Bank near some shelves of canned goods.
Dave Murray, executive director of the Abbotsford Food Bank. Photo courtesy of Dave Murray.
Surjit Atwal - CIVL - AbbotsfordBC | 22-11-2020

As the seasons turn, food banks are preparing for the colder weather and further economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. David Murray, the executive director of the Abbotsford Food Bank, spoke with CIVL radio regarding food bank usage disparities noted in the Abbotsford community.

Murray said that women comprise a majority of food bank recipients, including a rising number of South Asian women. He explored a multitude of factors explaining the higher use by women including lack of employment, COVID-19, and single-parent status. Murray describes the excellent work performed daily by staff at the Abbotsford Food Bank, and how the community comes together to confront these social inequalities.

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