Installation of traffic lights at Gilman’s Corner

Picture of Petits Moteurs a business on gilmans corner.
Traffic lights will be installed on Gilman's Corner. Picture curtesy of Google Maps.
Holly Mueller - CIDI - KnowltonQC | 16-12-2020
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Town of Brome Lake’s request for the installation of traffic lights at the intersection of highway 104 and 139, known as Gilman’s corner, has been accepted.

Le ministère des Transports de Quebec (MTQ) will be putting traffic lights at this busy intersection to minimize accidents that occur at this corner.

Traffic lights or stop signs have been installed at other busy intersections such as, Owen’s corner (139 and 104), Mill road and Bondville road.

“We had the other problem at the Gable’s corner, by the tourist office and consequently they installed the four stops this past spring,” mentioned Richard Burcombe, mayor of Brome Lake.

These requests follow the enormous amount of accidents that occur at these locations.

Construction of traffic lights at Gilman’s corner is projected to begin in early 2021.

Here is Richard Burcombe: