Youth express concerns, solutions, and a hopeful outlook for an environmentally harmonious future

A photograph of the planet Earth presenting the African continent. The planet portion of the image occupies the lower right of the image tile, the rest of it is Space.
Apollo 17 Hasselblad. Image from film magazine 148/NN - Earth.
Alexander Wright - CJPE - PictonON | 23-06-2022
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Prince Edward County Council heard a presentation concerning youth perspectives on environmental issues in the county on Tuesday.

Vanessa Lavender, youth member of the Environmental Advisory Committee, presented findings from a high school student survey which canvassed youth concerns and feelings on local environmental issues. Plastic waste, water and air pollution and habitat loss were top concerns of the 150 respondents. Potential solutions were also provided, which included tree planting and protection, rewilding, living sustainably and in harmony with nature, composting, and solar power.

As well, the surveyors found that 80 per cent of responders were interested in taking further action to protect the environment, while only 4 per cent were not hopeful for the future of the planet. Council was so impressed with the presentation that they are now looking forward to periodic updates on the environmental initiatives born out of the survey.

Listen to the story below: