Woman survives avalanche on Vancouver Island thanks to well-prepared companions

A group of Comox Valley search and rescue team members on skis on a snow covered mountain
Search and rescue teams train for avalanche survival. Photo courtesy of Comox Search and Rescue.
Lisa Cordasco - CHLY - NanaimoBC | 01-02-2021
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The head of Comox Valley Search and Rescue says an injured skier survived an avalanche near Mount Cameron yesterday because she was with a group that was well-prepared and educated in avalanche safety.
A group of experienced back country skiers triggered the avalanche at 2 p.m. yesterday afternoon. The slide carried two of them almost 200 m down a slope. One was buried nearly 1.5 m under the debris. The second skier skidded along the slide’s surface and was able to locate and free the injured woman within five minutes.
Paul Berry says the rescue demonstrates why those venturing out in the back country need to be fully prepared:


Members of Comox Valley Search and Rescue assisted in airlifting the injured woman to hospital in Vancouver. She suffered multiple fractures of her legs, a dislocated shoulder and cuts and bruises. The avalanche danger remains high on Vancouver Island from alpine areas to below the tree line.