Pan-African flag raised in Fredericton for Black History Month

Three Black Lives Matter organizers stand with the Fredericton mayor and hold the Pan-African flag.
Co-founder of Black Lives Matter Fredericton, Lily Lynch, and Fredericton Mayor Mike O'Brien addressed the public before raising the Pan-African flag. Photo by Black Lives Matter Fredericton.
Meg Cunningham - CHMA - SackvilleNB | 01-02-2021
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New Brunswick’s capital city raised the Pan-African flag outside of its city hall today in honour of Black History Month.

Black Lives Matter Fredericton shared the raising of the flag live on Facebook this afternoon, despite the oncoming winter storm. 

The significance of the flag was described by Black Lives Matter Fredericton co-founder Lily Lynch, who says "the...flag celebrates the multicultural societies in the Pan-African diaspora that exists in and outside of Africa." 

MLA David Coon and Councilperson Kate Rogers were also in attendance, along with other members of city council and local government who were not named or featured in the video.

Mayor Mike O'Brien read his address to the Pan-African community, that he says "add to the fabric of our community, and continue to do so with the Black Lives Matter movement."

The flag will fly in front of Fredericton city hall for all of February to honour all Pan-African people in New Brunswick and otherwise.