Warden Toller reacts to premier’s response to energy from waste creation

An outdoor photo of MRC Pontiac office
Eric O’Brien - CHIP - PontiacQC | 30-07-2020

MRC Pontiac warden Jane Toller said she was satisfied with the response of Premier of Quebec François Legault to the question asked by Élizabeth Séguin of CHIP 101.9 about the project to create energy from household waste.

In her daily COVID-19 update, Toller recalled that she had already met with the Premier during her meeting in Quebec last November.



Previously, Legault said he was open to this kind of initiative and specified that there are already projects of this kind across Quebec. For the past few months, Jane Toller has made reference to the idea of hosting the waste coming from the Outaouais and surrounding regions in order to transform said waste into energy.

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