Petition tabled demanding the resignation of Mayor Serge Newberry

Eric O’Brien - CHIP - PontiacQC | 30-07-2020

A petition demanding the resignation of Mayor Serge Newberry was tabled on Monday, July 13, during the municipal council meeting in l’Île-du-Grand-Calumet. According to information obtained by CHIP 101.9, this petition, containing approximately 340 signatures, was largely collected by the residents who organized a parade in the streets of L’Île-du-Grand-Calumet in May, demanding once more the resignation of Mayor Newberry.

The municipal meeting on July 13 was opened to the public for the first time since the start of the pandemic, however according to the measures surrounding COVID-19, only a maximum of 50 residents were allowed to enter.

People calling for the resignation of Newberry say they are dissatisfied with the mayor’s governance of the municipality following several allegations of misconduct that have occurred since his election, including allegations of a physical altercation with counselor Réjean Meilleur, the many changes in general management, the miss-management of the municipal office, the lack of transparency on the council, as well as the Iles Lafontaine File among others.

Newberry has also publicly promised to give his version of the facts following the alleged assault of Councilor Réjean Meilleur. As of today, no details have been made public on behalf of Newberry, who had recently left on sick leave, and has since returned to the position of mayor.

During the 2017 municipal election, a total of 425 residents voted, Serge Newberry was therefore elected with just under 34% of the vote, with a total of 144 votes.

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