UNBC lands $17.7 Million in Research Funding

An arm reaches forward into the frame holding a fan of cash, over a backdrop of a brown story building with another modern style building in the distance.
UNBC Received over 17 million dollars in research and development grants during its most recent fiscal year thanks to the hard work of researchers and faculty. Photo Credit - Ian Gregg
Ian Gregg - CFUR - Prince GeorgeBC | 11-12-2023
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Research funding at University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) spiked nearly 17 per cent, earning $17.7 million in research income during its 2022 fiscal year. This total has increased for four consecutive years due to admin, researchers, and faculty participating in, or supporting, grant applications.

Dr. Paula Wood-Adams, hired this September as the Vice-President of Research and Innovation shares, “What actually brought me here is the ingenuity, the can-do attitude, and the brilliance of the researchers that we have. We’re small, but the people that we have are outstanding.” She continues, “it’s what produced this result as well.”

The grant funding is in three categories: SSHRC relating to social sciences and humanities; NSERC relating to science & engineering; and health related funding through CIHR representing the most revenue. Among many other notable projects, CTAAN (The Centre for Technology Adoption for Aging in the North) and the QRRC (Quesnel River Research Centre) offer prospects for research and development.