Tintamarre Community Concert Band is back with a new name, new winter concert

Photo: Screenshot from advertisement
Erica Butler - CHMA - SackvilleNB | 13-12-2023
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The Tintamarre Community Concert Band, formerly the Sackville Citizens Band, have regrouped this year and are back with their annual winter concert at Brunton Auditorium this Thursday, December 14, at 7:30pm.

Bill Costin and Rob McLeod are the driving forces behind the band.

"Everything we do is a celebration," says McLeod, the band's music director.  "We get together, we play something, we celebrate. The audience in the community comes together, we celebrate. And everybody walks around celebrating how unbelievably lucky we are to live here, and to to have the ability to to gather and play music in a safe environment, and just focus for however long it is you can focus on beauty and wonder."

Costin and McLeod stopped by CHMA studios to talk about their upcoming concert and recent changes to the band, including their new name.

Click below to hear the interview: