Prince Edward County tax payers breathe sigh of relief with 2024 final budget

The shoreline of a lake. The waves are gently rolling onto a sandy beach next to a green lawn. In the distance the shoreline is edged by trees.
Photo: Brenda Little
Brenda Little - CJPE - PictonON | 13-12-2023
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The tax payers of Prince Edward County are breathing a small sigh of relief as the 2024 budget deliberations resulted in a 5.4% increase down from the proposed 12.7%.

For the tax payer, the increase translates into an additional $56.35 for each $100,00.00 in assessed value.

Some of the good news is that Council approved the continuation of the Municipal Financial Relief Program giving aid to low income households. Qualified home owners receive financial help with  water bills or property taxes.

Council learned revenue from short term accommodations (STAs) is down since the number has dropped from 908 to 838 and new construction is stagnant due to unavailability of serviced lots and high mortgage rates.

The capital budget of $115.1 million for the coming year includes considerable road work, an emergency vehicle purchase and improvement of municipal buildings but a big chunk covers the $94.7 million for the redevelopment of McFarland Nursing Home if the provincial funding comes through.