Theatre Lac-Brome keeps up with its mandate 

Pictured is the front of Theatre Lac-Brome building. The front is made up of large glass windows and the building itself is rectangular. The building is white and grey.
Theatre Lac-Brome has much in store for 2023. Photo by Taylor McClure.
Taylor McClure - CIDI - KnowltonQC | 24-01-2023
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Theatre Lac-Brome (TLB) is benefitting from a $26,000 grant within the framework of the “L’Entente partenariat territorial pour les arts et les lettres en Montérégie” (“Territorial Partnership Agreement for the Arts and Humanities in Montérégie”). 

One of six cultural institutions and artists in Brome-Missisquoi to benefit from a grant, TLB will use the financial aid to put on plays for the general public and for the students of Knowlton Academy and École St-Édouard this year. 

“The community is asking for a lot of theatre and plays and this was the first mandate of the theatre, they were doing summer plays. (…) So, this grant, going forward, is really going to help us bring back plays for the general public and also for the schools. Knowlton Academy and École Saint-Édouard has mentioned that they want to work with us,” said Anne Dubé, artistic director of TLB. 

Dubé explained that as artistic director, there are two events she attends each year, Réseau des Organisateurs de Spectacles de l’Est du Québec (ROSEQ) and Bourse RIDEAU, to connect with Quebec theatre production companies and promoters.

“We see what we call ‘showcases.’ We see showcases of music, plays, dance, and a lot of young children plays and shows. That’s where I’m able to see which one is touring the next year. The way it works is that I present a document to the schools to say this is what will be touring next year and what would you like to see?,” explained Dubé. 

There are two shows organized this spring for students and TLB is already planning for the upcoming fall and spring of 2024. 

“The first one is called Return Department (produced by Les soeurs kif-kif) and it will be presented in English for Knowlton Academy and there will be a French version for L’École Saint-Édouard. They have also decided to come see a music show this time for children called Rêves à colorier (Ariane DesLions and News Production),” mentioned Dubé.

TLB will also be working in collaboration with the Knowlton Literary Festival and they will partake in this summer’s Shakespeare in the Park to bring more plays to the general public.

“I’m working with the Le Centaur (theatre presenters in Montréal) because it’s a bit more difficult to find English plays that are touring so I am going to have to do partnerships. In April, we were supposed to have King Dave, but sadly, because of technical restrictions, we won’t be able to have that play. I have to reach out again and see if there are plays at the Centaur that could technically fit in our theatre,” noted Dubé. 

I think we are the only theatre in our region that is presenting plays really close by, said Dubé. 

“People can go to Sherbrooke, they can go to Montreal, but nearby, Theatre Lac-Brome would be one of the only theatres presenting plays and mostly in English. All of our program, like what I’m going to have for the next year, the music, the singers, I try to be really mindful to try to have at least 50/50 (English and French). (…) There’s going to be beautiful shows,” she added.

In terms of other happenings at TLB, Dubé wants to use her role as artistic director to further diversify the entertainment that is brought to Brome Lake.

“For the last few years, they have been doing more music shows; I’m trying comedians. (…) I’m talking to Just for Laughs because I would also like to bring English comedians to Lac-Brome. Besides the children’s shows for schools, I would like to bring shows but for families at the theatre. (…) That’s one of my main mandates for the next year,” highlighted Dubé. 

For the first time, TLB will be hosting an event at the theatre to present its entire program for the year to the public. They will also be participating in Les Journées de la culture. 

“This is also an event for the public where you either present the theatre, there can be visits, and sometimes there can be shows,” mentioned Dubé. 

At the end of 2022, TLB finished with 90 events, this includes presentations put on by community groups like the Knowlton Players. 

“For this next year, we are already at 67 events confirmed. It’s going to be another big year for Lac-Brome,” said Dubé. 

For Theatre Lac-Brome’s programming and upcoming events.

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