The Valley Roundup: Surrey Civic Theatre presents story of burlesque legend

A black and white photo of Erik Lee Preminger filming his mother Gypsy Rose Lee
Erik Lee Preminger filming his mother, Gypsy Rose Lee. Photo courtesy of the City of Surrey's website.
Stephen Munga - CIVL - AbbotsfordBC | 26-10-2022
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The Surrey Civic Theatre is presenting a show on the life of burlesque legend Gypsy Rose Lee this month.

Gypsy Rose Lee began her career with her sister June when they were young, according to a press release by Surrey Civic Theatre Publicist Nic Enright-Morin. Their mother and manager Madame Rose put together a stage show called the Dancing Daughters, featuring the two. Gypsy Rose Lee won over audiences by combining burlesque dance and humour into her stage show when she made her debut in 1929 in Kansas City. Eventually, she became one of the most famous stage performers in history and a broadway musical, Gypsy, was made based on her memoirs.

Gypsy Rose's son Erik Preminger was behind the scenes travelling with his mother from the age of six months until he was 18. Preminger is recounting his experiences in a show that is making make its Canadian debut at Surrey Civic Theatres on Oct. 28. Together Wherever We Go: Gypsy Rose Lee, by her son, Erik Lee Preminger is a show that includes a screening of rare video footage along with narration from Preminger.

In an interview with CIVL, Preminger spoke about his life on the road, what the Oct. 28 evening will include and what it was like to be the son of Gypsy Rose Lee. 

Listen to the CIVL story below: