Use of technology helps lessen pandemic grief in Fraser Valley Retirement Facility

A poster for a Day of Prayer for Tabor Home that shows the exterior of the retirement facility in an online poster
Photo courtesy of the Tabor Village Facebook.
Surjit Atwal - CIVL - AbbotsfordBC | 19-12-2020
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The psychological damage of this pandemic will live with seniors in the Fraser Valley for some time to come, says Dan Levitt, executive director of the Tabor Village retirement facility.

When seniors move into the retirement facility, they understand the home likely will be the last place they live in before they die, Levitt says. But it is the amount of death they witness daily with the pandemic that has left a psychological scar on seniors. To combat the negative impacts of COVID-19, the facility has been using technology somewhat effectively to allow seniors to communicate with their loved ones. When the pandemic is over, the most important thing our Canadian society must do is show the senior citizen population that we care about them and lift their spirits, Levitt says.

Here is the second part of a CIVL interview with Levitt on the psychological impact the pandemic has left on Tabor Village and how technology is being used to lessen the pain: