Six Nations Food Bank sees truckloads of donations during holidays: board chair

Woman with glasses sits at microphone in CKRZ Studio. short brown hair, grey fur trimmed coat.
Mary Monture, board chair of the Six Nations Food Bank. Photo by David Moses.
David Moses - CKRZ - OhswekenON | 11-01-2023
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The generosity of Six Nations members, businesses and organizations saw thousands raised and truckloads of food donations given to the Six Nations Food Bank during the holiday season.

Together, the Six Nations of the Grand River Economic Development Corporation, A6N and Chiefswood Park, donated 55 turkey vouchers, five skids of water and two truckloads of food, plus the Dreamcatchers Charitable Foundation donated $10,000 dollars.

It all added up to an "overwhelming" season for the Six Nations Food Bank, according to Board Chair Mary Monture.

With a sixfold increase in food reliance at the food bank due to food inflation and COVID-19, Monture says the food bank was forced to distribute less to individual families during 2022. But after doing interviews with local news outlets and raising awareness in the community in November and December, Monture said things started rolling at the end of the year and she was grateful.

According to Monture, the donations will allow the food bank to keep things going for sometime and she is overwhelmed with how the community rallied to the food banks need.

Listen to the CKRZ report below: