Six Nations Elected Council concerned over illegal dumping issue

Six Nations Councilor Nathan Wright stands at a podium in front of a microphone. Audience Members look on in the background.
Six Nations elected council is monitoring the illegal dumping issue that the community is facing. Councillor Nathan Wright (above) says he is working with the Six Nations Chief's Office to follow up with the province to highlight this issue and continue working toward resolutions to best halt this issue. Photo courtesy of Nathan Wright's Facebook page.
Andrew Dow - CJKS - OhswekenON | 29-07-2022
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The Six Nations community have been facing the issue of illegal dumping for decades now, this has elected council concerned that with construction season in full swing the area may see more cases of illegal dumping come to the forefront. Councilor Nathan Wright spoke with CJKS to talk about the issue and let community members in on what's being done to combat the issue.

Councilor Wright said "we have been responding to a number of community concerns on the import of illicit soil, coming from off reserve. Mostly coming from commercial sites. We're also trying to build on a waste management by-law from 1993. So we know this issue has been near and dear to a number of peoples hearts in the community and  were trying to respond to a number of the complaints coming forward."

Wright said that elected council is working with a number of different parties involved to deal with this issue including the Six Nations Environment Office who are working with their counterparts at the provincial and federal levels as well as Six Nations Police.

In the past community members have stood in front of dump trucks coming on to the territory to stop the truck from unloading and Councilor Wright said that the community would like to use more evasive tactics to stop the illegal dumping.

He said " we don't like putting our community members in front of dump trucks, so if there's any way we can work with the province to halt that, Rod Whitlow (Six Nations Environment officer) and his counterparts are developing the monitoring system and were just looking on the political side how best to do that."

Community members who suspect illegal dumping is taking place are encouraged to call the Six Nations Environment Office at 519-226-2272 to report the issue and Six Nations Police will follow up on any issues.


Listen to the full CJKS story below: