Six Nations councillor says veterans’ association needs core funding

The Six Nations Water Tower. Photo by David Moses.
David Moses - CKRZ - OhswekenON | 22-11-2022
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A Six Nations councillor is advocating for a local veterans' association to receive more funding.

At the Six Nation Elected Council (SNEC) finance meeting yesterday, Jennifer Court, financial planning and analysis director, made a second quarter, or “Q2,” presentation regarding finances of the first six months of the year, April to September. Coun. Hazel Johnson wanted to know about a specific budget: she was interested to know if the Six Nations Veterans’ Association was receiving core funding from SNEC.

The Six Nations Veteran's Association was established almost 70 years ago. The local organization is run by volunteers who have served and who help other veterans in the community. Recently, the association has faced financial hardship, and the sustainability of the organization is in question.

Elected Chief Mark Hill responded by saying that the last contribution to the veterans was doubled due to COVID-19, and that he had been working with them, but that on the topic of providing core funding, council would need to have a full discussion.

Johnson responded by reiterating her position that the veterans should have annual core funding provided by SNEC.

According to Bruce Patterson, Six Nations Veteran's Association first vice, although they do receive funding to assist with a contract for upkeep of the Six Nations Veteran's Park, he was unaware of whether the veterans association had ever received core funding from council in previous years.

Listen to the full report below: