The uncertain future of the Site C hydroelectric dam

A snow covered Peace River near the Site C dam on a sunny day
A view of the Peace River, along which the Site C and Peace Canyon dams are situated. Photo by Eriel Strauch.
Eriel Strauch - CFUR - Prince GeorgeBC | 22-01-2021

BC Hydro's Site C hydroelectric dam project has been in the spotlight for some time and now the NDP government is considering halting the project amid rising concerns.

The dam is province's largest publicly funded infrastructure project to date. Critics have accused BC Hydro of a lack of transparency, sparking interest across the nation. Initiated under the former Liberal government, Site C is to be the third dam built along the Peace River in Northeastern BC. One of the other two existing dams, Peace Canyon, came under scrutiny in January 2020 after an exposé published by The Narwhal revealed major foundational issues. With concerns mounting over Indigenous rights, environmental degradation, loss of farmland, geotechnical issues, impacts from COVID-19 and cost increases, the NDP government is considering halting the Site C project for good.

This CFUR story looks at the history and current state of affairs of the Site C project and the concerns around the Peace Canyon dam: