SherHack 2023 hackathon looks to pave way for quantum computing breakthroughs

The black and white and green SherHack 2023 logo. The name is spelled out in block letters.
SherHack is headed to Sherbrooke this week. Photo courtesy of the University of Sherbrooke, Institut Quantique.
Derek Bullard - CJMQ - SherbrookeQC | 25-10-2023
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A quantum computing hackathon is coming to the Townships this week.

The world is witnessing advancements in quantum technology, and SherHack 2023 aims to contribute significantly to this field. The event hopes to further the understanding and application of quantum computing.

Ghislain Lefebvre from the Institut Quantique unveiled details about the SherHack 2023, set for Oct. 26. Lefebvre, who is involved in the partnership development and management of the quantum ALGOL lab, described quantum computing as "a new way of looking at computing."

He talked about the paradigm shift it represents, stating, "you have to reprogram the programmers when it comes to quantum computing."

SherHack 2023 is slated as  a groundbreaking event, bringing together companies from across the region and province.

"The idea here is to have many companies... competing in well, using quantum computation," Lefebvre shared. While most of the work will be on simulators, there's a tantalizing possibility that some teams might "launch some codes on actual quantum computers."

Lefebvre also highlighted the collaboration with PINQ², the nonprofit organization managing the IBM quantum system in Bromont, Québec. This partnership aims to ensure participants will get hands-on experience with real quantum systems. Speaking about the event's objectives, Lefebvre expressed hope for innovative solutions, saying, "if there's more than one way people find to solve the problem, that is something very interesting."

Listen to the story below: