School District 82’s (Coast Mountain) “new normal”

Coast Mountain Superintendent Janet Meyer talks school's
Pamela Haasen - CICK - SmithersBC | 14-09-2021

It's back to school time.

In northern British Columbia, most schools opened to the public on September 7th.

CICK News checked in with School District 82 Coast Mountain's Superintendent Janet Meyer to discuss what "back to school" looked like for the high school and elementary children this year.

Meyer said that "people are generally very, very positive" about going to school in person.

Safety in school in regards to masks, vaccinations and air quality is paramount this year. Meyer said that District 82 updated their ventilation system and are "meeting if not exceeding the Ministry's expectation when it comes to ventilation".

This allows more "face to face" time between teachers and students, which was a concern parents, students and teachers had before the school year began.

Listen to Pam Haasen's full interview with School District 82's Superintendent Janet Meyer below.