ReFrame Film Festival hires new creative director

A full seated audience watching a film at ReFrame Film Festival.
A full audience attending an in-person event at a previous year's ReFrame Film Festival. Photograph taken by Bryan Reid Photography and provided by Eryn Lidster.
Edward Sweeney - CFFF - PeterboroughON | 05-06-2023
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ReFrame Film Festival, a Peterborough-based festival focusing on documentary film and media art, has hired a new Creative Director for its upcoming seasons. Eryn Lidster began her position with ReFrame on May 1.

As one of two core staff at ReFrame, the creative director’s role involves building the lineup of films that are to be played throughout the January festival.

Lidster has been heavily involved in Peterborough’s Arts community since moving back to Peterborough in 2016. She began working tech at The Theatre On King, and has since been involved with multiple local arts projects and organizations such as Artspace and Public Energy Performing Arts.

Lidster’s experience working with film started during her time attending Trent University in the Cultural Studies Department.

“With Kelly Egan, and the programs that she’s running there in experimental and documentary filmmaking. […] It felt like a couple things converging between experiencing learning around traditional, material-based, filmmaking at the University, but also the kind of work I ended up doing with the theatre community in documentation and videography,” said Lidster.

In recent years, the ReFrame Film Festival has transitioned into a primarily virtual festival. Lidster, along with all of the staff and volunteers at ReFrame, are still working out what this year’s festival is going to look like, but it will likely be both in-person and online.

“I imagine that we’ll have some films online, with most of the films, if not all of the films, in person,” said Lidster.

ReFrame is currently accepting film submissions for the January festival. To learn more, visit

Listen to the story below: