Kitsumkalum Band highlights economic development at 2023 joint venture round up

Two machines picking up logs
Two students in the heavy equipment operating course practicing. Photo courtesy of Frances Guno.
Morgyn Budden - CFNR - TerraceBC | 05-06-2023
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Making an effort to create job opportunities for their members, the Kitsumkalum Band’s hosted their second annual joint venture round up. 

Acting as a meet and greet of sorts, the round up was meant to introduce the Kitsumkalum Economic Development Group's partners to the community as potential employers. Through the group, members can apply for jobs with any of the 18 joint venture partners like Telus, Monster Industries, or CCM Construction.

One of the band's newest ventures, Kasiks Wilderness Resort, is currently in the midst of its first wholly operational season. Owned and operated on Kitsumkalum territory, the resort features a lodge, campground, and restaurant, all developed over the course of two years. That adds to a list of band owned businesses like the Tempo Gas Bar, and the House of Sim-Oi-Ghets Gift Store.

Now classified as its own business entity, the Logistics Park Limited Partnership offers transloading contracts for either industry or residential projects. The park started by working in tandem with the Kalum Rock Quarry, transloading their ballast rock aggregate to their three kilometre rail spur to be used as the base of CN Railways.

Diane Collins, manager for the development group, says that they started their partnership with O'Brien Training to start a Heavy Equipment Operator course due to an identified need for positions in both the quarry and the Logistics Park. That course sees 18 students learning how to operate several machines like excavators, button top loaders, and graders.

With that, Collins said that they hope to stay one step ahead of the training needed for jobs involved in the industrial growth happening in the region. 

"There are real jobs out there that we hope to be able to highlight Kitsumkalum with in a way that brings positivity,” Collins said.

Listen to the CFNR story with Diane Collins and Heather Bohn below: