Prince Edward County Council affirms and commences changes required for new STA regime

A light brown brick community centre, with a green lawn and picnic bench in front of its antechamber.
Highline Hall in Wellington, Ontario, where PEC councillors meet while Shire Hall in Picton is renovated. Photo by Alex Wright.
CJPE - 99.3 FM - CJPE - PictonON | 17-08-2022
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On Tuesday (August 16th), Prince Edward County Council affirmed and commenced the changes decided during last week’s Special Committee meeting regarding Short Term Accommodations (STAs).

Council voted 9 to 2 in favour of the new STA regulatory regime, which will include a ban on all secondary residence STAs going forward.

Next steps will involve an Official Plan amendment and Zoning By-Law change which will be brought to the public Planning Committee meeting on September 7th in preparation for the new STA regime’s final approval at September 13th’s Regular Council meeting.

Mayor Steve Ferguson, who voted against the regime, remarked that he “was challenged by an Official Plan amendment within the two year (moratorium) period, and this is something we have to think about carefully because of any possible implications” arising from it.

Listen to the full story below: