PEC Council amends short term accommodations rules to make them more family friendly

A group of government officials and support workers sitting in modern black office chairs around a circular-like and hollow conference table. A large flat screen monitor hangs on the far wall, showing a political meeting's web streamed proceedings.
Prince Edward County Council in its newly renovated chambers at Shire Hall, Picton. Photo by Alex Wright.
Alexander Wright - CJPE - PictonON | 18-09-2023
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On Tuesday (Sept. 12), a small but significant change to the Short-Term Accommodation (STA) by-law was approved, which restores the allowance of one under ten-year-old child per licensed guest room that permits two guests.

South Marysburgh Councillor John Hirsch explained the rational for the amendment and the desire to fix an unintended consequence of the new STA by-law, passed last year:

"When we made changes to the by-law, at least its operation in 2022, it seemed we got rid of the intent that had originally been enacted in 2018, to allow children not to count in the per-bedroom limit."

According to county staff, children ten and over will still count as regular guests, due to the fire code.

Listen to the full story below: