Oneka Technologies secures $12.5 million in funding from private investors for desalination technology

A yellow device on a boat cruises along green waters. Iceberg-class desalination unit
An Iceberg-class unit on the water in Fort Pierce, Florida in 2022. Photo provided by Oneka Technologies.
Derek Bullard - CJMQ - SherbrookeQC | 02-11-2023
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Sherbrooke-based company, Oneka Technologies, has successfully secured $12.5 million in funding from private investors to further its wave-powered desalination technology.

The investment aims to address water scarcity and promote sustainable solutions. According to Oneka Technologies, the technology, which utilizes ocean waves for the conversion of seawater into freshwater, has the potential to contribute to addressing the global water crisis.

In a recent interview, Allan-Olivier Desbois, VP and Shareholder at Oneka Technologies, provided insights into their technology and its potential impact.

Desbois said the company has a commitment to eco-friendliness.

"Our system operates mechanically and emits zero carbon emissions, a contrast to traditional desalinization processes."

In discussing the technology's robustness, Desbois said, "We have tested our systems to withstand severe storms and continue producing clean water."

On their system's scalability, Desbois said, "With modular units like Ice Cube, Iceberg, and Glacier, we offer a range of options to address different water scarcity needs."

Oneka Technologies aims to secure an additional $10 million in funding to expand its efforts in combating water scarcity globally.

This funding is a step in the company's journey to address pressing water scarcity issues and promote sustainability, according to the VP. Oneka's approach aims to demonstrate the potential for wave-powered desalination technology to make clean water more accessible worldwide.

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