Bulgarian musician reflects on pandemic experience in Fraser Valley

A picture of keys on a dark wooden piano
Cephas Munga, a Fraser Valley musician shares how he was personally affected by COVID-19.
Surjit Atwal - CIVL - AbbotsfordBC | 05-04-2021
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During the pandemic, Bulgarian musician Cephas Munga had direct experience with the virus.

Munga says that he was in Bulgaria when he believes he caught COVID-19. In an interview with CIVL, he said the ordeal nearly killed him. Munga has asthma, so catching the flu would have been bad enough, he said. With COVID-19 and asthma combined, Munga says that he was having difficulties breathing and that he did not have access to a ventilator.

Fortunately, he has recovered. Munga says besides the fact of him catching COVID-19, he has not been affected terribly by the pandemic.

Here is Munga speaking with CIVL: