More forest losses in rural Ottawa and Russell Township

A tall tree with bare branches and snow around it is being torn down by heavy equipment. It is surrounded by downed trees.
The final trees are removed using heavy equipment along Boundary Road in early December. Photo courtesy Frans Bleeker
Candice Vetter - CJRO - | 20-12-2023
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The City of Ottawa recently changed staff’s recommendation that forests be protected within two kilometres of the urban boundary to within one kilometre. The changes were suggested after the outcry over the Taggart and AOO clearcutting along Piperville Road last May. Last week the Hunt Club forest, a large stand of red pines near the airport, was cut down for development, and a forest on the east side of Boundary Road was cleared. CJRO asked Russell Township Mayor Pierre Leroux about that property and he said  the land was zoned agricultural so the clearing appears to be for farming.

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