MASU pushing for “pass/fail” option this semester

A still of John Ferguson wearing a red facemask and grey shirt.
President of the Mount Allison Students' Union Jon Ferguson. Photo by MASU.
Meg Cunningham - CHMA - SackvilleNB | 20-11-2020

Last semester, Mount Allison University implemented a pass/fail option for students.

Students had the option to keep their mark, or have “P” for “Pass,” “CP” for “Conditional Pass,” or “F” for “Fail” on their official transcript.

The Mount Allison Student Union is pushing to revive the pass/fail option for students this semester.

President of the MASU, Jon Ferguson, says a MASU Instagram poll on the subject got between 500 and 600 responses.

The majority of the responses were in favour of the pass/fail option.

Last semester, the majority of students were required to choose between a letter grade or the pass/fail option before their final marks were available to them.

Ferguson says that is unacceptable. Listen to the interview here:


Students with concerns or questions about the pass/fail option can contact the MASU.

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