LoveSong affordable seniors housing organizers closing in on financing

An old brown brick building foregrounded by an old grey asphalt driveway and green shrubs. A long portico surrounds the building, tall deciduous trees are growing amidst it.
The now defunct Pinecrest Memorial Elementary School in Bloomfield and future site of LoveSong Seniors Housing and Community Hub. Photo courtesy of the LoveSong website.
Alexander Wright - CJPE - PictonON | 24-10-2022
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Organizers behind the LoveSong Seniors Housing initiative are reporting that they are in the final stages of financing for phase 1.

The affordable housing development, which seeks to convert the defunct Pinecrest Memorial Elementary School in Bloomfield, will create 50 affordable rental units, while applying the Danish Cohousing model (communal living), a novel concept in Canada. Features will include a library, makerspace, gymnasium, licensed kitchen, walking trails and carbon neutral status (solar power).

This is in response to a need for affordable seniors housing in the county, as the waitlist for existing lower rent residences has grown to four years.

LoveSong board members Donna Rodgers and Ken How report that an application for a federal Green and Inclusive Community Buildings (GICB) grant has been submitted, and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) financing is in process, for a combined total of $14 million.

They board members had these words to share concerning their journey thus far:

LoveSong organizers expect phase 1 construction to take 1 year once they are approved for financing. They also plan multiple additional phases on the 20-acre property in the future.

Listen to the full story below: