Locations of the future Regional Museum of the Outaouais could come to the Pontiac

Outaouais Regional Musuem Logo. Photo courtesy of their Website
Outaouais Regional Musuem Logo. Photo courtesy of their Website
Jacob Lavigne - CHIP - PontiacQC | 01-03-2021

The Gatineau and Outaouais Heritage Network unveiled the content of its Feasibility Study in order to create a Regional Museum of the Outaouais. We learnt that the main building of this museum would be in Gatineau, but that locations throughout the Outaouais region will also be part of the institution.

"What is interesting for the Pontiac is that the Outaouais Regional Museum will be at the service of heritage organizations in the region. For example, in the MRC Pontiac, there is the Maison Culturel George Bryson which could, after negotiations, act in collaboration with the institution, ”explains Louis-Antoine Blanchette, Director General of the Gatineau and Outaouais Heritage Network.

According to the study, they are looking for a museum with an area of ​​8,650 m2 (including a regional reserve of approximately 4,900 square meters) to be located in Gatineau, and the necessary investments are estimated at $ 28,725,000.

“The Outaouais is one of the rare regions in Quebec that does not have a regional museum and one of the three regions where no museum is supported to operate by the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications. This, despite our unique heritage, deserves to be preserved and showcased just like that of other regions of Quebec and Canada, "believes Louis-Antoine Blanchette.

In 2021, the project is expected to hire a project manager whose mandate will be to oversee the implementation of the three-year plan for the Regional Museum of the Outaouais. The active search for a site that can accommodate the site should also start.

The summary of the feasibility study for the Musée régional de l’Outaouais is available here.