Local rappers to perform at fundraising concert for Kingston non-profits

a poster with the 2 things missing project written on it in large text. There is a list of artists performing and details regarding the event.
The event poster for the Two Things Missing Project. Photo provided by The Two Things Missing Project organizers.
Christena Lawrie - CFRC - KingstonON | 15-11-2023
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This Thursday, Trellis HIV and Community Care will be raising money to provide resources for Kingston’s unhoused population with the Integrated Care Hub by hosting a hip-hop concert. 

The event is called "The Two Things Missing Project" - the two things referring to housing and safe drug supply. The goal of the event is to raise $10,000 which will be used to create "winter survival kits" to help keep unhoused folks warm through the winter. 

One of the performers for Thursday night, Keaton, works with the Integrated Care Hub, and came up with the idea for the event with his fellow staff members. Kelli MacIsaac with the Integrated Care Hub discussed the inspiration behind the event;

“This was inspired, basically, by the people that we serve at the Integrated Care Hub. We have the privilege of getting to know them personally instead of just, seeing them off to the sidelines that a lot of people do. And with the homes piece that's missing, it's a huge piece,” she states.

“A lot of our people still end up having to sleep outside. There's still not enough shelter beds. And Keaton and I working together, it was kind of like, oh yeah, maybe we could partner up in this," she continues. "There's also a young man at the Hub, and this was another inspiration for me, who is an amazing freestyler and rapper. And so he kind of inspired me to go this route as well.”

The event will feature up and coming Kingston hip-hop musicians, with four local rappers taking the stage that night, each bringing their own unique sounds and perspectives.

“I really think that the four of us are just gonna bring together a really cool show and kind of capture what the message of The Two Missing Pieces really is,” states Keaton.

Justine McIsaac, who runs the Consumption Treatment Center at the Integrated care Hub, will also be speaking at the event. In addition to performers and speakers, the event will also include a free training session on how to administer the life saving naloxone medication, and participants will take home a naloxone kit.

More information about the tickets can be found here.

Listen to the full story, featuring an interview with Keaton and Kelli MacIsaac below: