Kingston East Community Centre solar project receives federal funding

Five men are standing near a podium and in front of several flags.
MP Mark Gerretsen, Mayor Bryan Paterson and Manager, Facilities and Construction Services with the City of Kingston Jeff Rempel at The Kingston East Community Centre. Photo by Karim Mosna.
Karim Mosna - CFRC - KingstonON | 05-08-2022
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The Kingston East Community Centre will receive over $460,000 in funding from the federal government for green additions. MP Mark Gerretsen announced yesterday the funding will support the installation of a solar energy system.
"It's a large array, we're going to have 256 panels on the roof, in the parking lot the centre aisle will have car part solar installed with 204 panels," says Jeff Rempel, constructions manger with City of Kingston.
Once the installations are complete, the centre will be "96% more efficient than a regular building of its nature," he says, adding that the remaining percentage is equals "2.8 tonnes a year of GHG (greenhouse gases)" which is less that a typical family home.
"That small amount of electricity that we need...that can be resolved if we find a different source...our energy and asset management division at the city is trying to source green sources for that electricity so we can make it 100 per cent net zero," says Rempel.
And the installation is underway. The city will be starting the car ports in a few weeks and they expect to have them energized by the fall.
Mayor Bryan Patterson says this move sets a precedence for the city moving forward.
"This building is really setting the mark and the standard for what city facilities will be in the future...If we're going to be leaders and demonstrate climate action that we can build buildings...that are energy efficient that make so much sense both environmentally and economically as well."
Listen to the full CFRC interview with Jeff Rempel below: