Kate Partridge from CFUR talks newsroom coordinating during COVID-19

Image provided by CFUR Radio.
Image provided by CFUR Radio.
Eriel Strauch - CFUR - Prince GeorgeBC | 12-12-2020

CFUR radio, which is broadcasted from the unceeded territories of the L'heidli T'enneh at the University of Northern British Columbia (Prince George campus), is located in an area considered to be of "news poverty".

With only six primary news sources apart from CFUR, two of which solely being broadcasted online, the newsroom at CFUR is a great way to ensure the public in and around Prince George are kept up to date with local, relevant issues.

COVID-19 has presented a whole slew of changes for many organizations, CFUR included. In the following interview, Kate Partridge, CFUR's Music Director/Newsroom Coordinator discusses what some of those impacts have been for the newsroom, as well as hopes going forward into next semester.

Kate Partridge: 


Editor's Note: Eriel Strauch is one of the journalists working on CFUR's Local Journalism Initiative grant.