Indigenous singer Shawnee Kish releases second EP ‘Revolution,’ performs in Toronto

Shawnee Kish performing on stage. She is wearing a red jacket and singing into a microphone. There is a dark blue and black background.
Shawnee Kish performing. Photo submitted by Tiffany Astle.
Olivea Loo - CFPT - TorontoON | 22-10-2023
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Mohawk Canadian singer-songwriter Shawnee Kish is performing in Toronto this week following the recent release of their second EP.

Kish is a two-spirited artist from Welland, Ontario, who started out as a Shania Twain impersonator. In 2020, Kish won CBC Music's Searchlight competition propelling her career.

With her fans, Kish says she tries to be open and honest about the struggles of growing up and finding herself.

Kish has released her second album, “Revolution,” marking the beginning of Kish’s next chapter, she says, with her single “Stella!” leading the album. Kish describes this album as a release of reinvention; the album is co-written and co-produced by Serena Ryder, Max Kerman, and Derek Hoffman.

Debut Performance In Toronto 

Kish will be celebrating the release of "Revolution" with a live performance on Oct 23 at the Drake Underground Hotel. 

Listen to the story below: