Bishop’s University principal sheds light on impending tuition increase for out-of-province, international students

The outside of Bishop's University on an overcast day. It is a series of red brick buildings and there is a lawn in front.
Bishop's University weighs in on the new tuition announcement for out of province and international students. Photo taken from the Bishop's University website.
Daniel Coulombe - CJMQ - SherbrookeQC | 22-10-2023
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Quebec Premier François Legault recently announced a tuition increase for out-of-province and international students as a move to "reverse the decline of French in Quebec."

The impact could be significant, with tuition for out-of-province students at designated schools set to double, rising from around $8,992 to approximately $17,000 per year. While larger, more urban institutions like McGill and Concordia might navigate this change differently, Bishop's University, a smaller institution nestled in a rural setting, may face distinct challenges.

Principal and Vice-Chancellor of Bishop's University Sebastien Lebel-Grenier spoke with CJMQ about the potential impact of the tuition increase.

During the conversation, Lebel-Grenier discussed the reactions and concerns expressed at Bishop's University in response to the imminent tuition increase, the potential consequences for enrollment and the university's ability to attract students from outside Quebec. Lebel-Grenier also shared Bishop's University's strategies for ensuring international students can still access quality education while managing their finances effectively and the long-term impact on the international student community and the higher education landscape in Quebec.

Lebel-Grenier also spoke on the role institutions like Bishop's University play in achieving this goal and any upcoming scholarships, financial aid, or support programs designed to assist international students facing increased tuition fees.

Listen to the story below: