Hydro One: Diversifying workforce starts with students

College students are walking outside on their way to their next class.
College students on their way to their next class. Photo by: Getty.

Hydro One is supporting women, Black and Indigenous students for a better and brighter future.

It’s all part of the company’s One Awards scholarship program, geared at making the company a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Hydro One spokesperson Alicia Sayers says students can apply today to scholarships in one of three categories: The Women in Engineering Award, The William Peyton Hubbard Award for black students, and the Leonard S. (Tony) Mandamin Award for Indigenous students.

“We want to support inspiring professionals and build a better and brighter future for Ontario," Sayers said. "So, we want to recognize these outstanding students who we know are out there, and we just want to support them in their studies, but also in developing them as leaders because these opportunities and scholarships also come with the opportunity to work at Hydro One."

Sayers says the scholarships are only open to students who are currently enrolled in an Ontario college or university.

Within the three categories there are 24 scholarships available.

The deadline to apply is Nov. 1.

Learn more by visiting here.

Hydro One spokesperson Alicia Sayers:

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