Jam in Jubilee festival works to feature Indigenous artists

Orange banner saying Jam in Jubilee EST 2010, summer concert series.
Jade Geleynse, event coordinator with Jam in Jubilee shared what they are doing to have Indigenous people more involved. Photo courtesy to Family Fun Vancouver.
Surjit Atwal - CIVL - AbbotsfordBC | 05-08-2022
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The organizers of Jam in Jubilee are working to make sure that Indigenous individuals are heard in their concert.

Jade Geleynse, event coordinator with Jam in Jubilee, shared with CIVL what they are doing to give Indigenous artists stage time and spaces at this year's event.

"Jam in Jubilee, and the arts council in general, are largely volunteer based. These are fantastic member of our community that hold positions in other local organizations,"Geleynse says.

"Some of the community contacts with those that we are working with and the people that are volunteering their time with us, we've been able to build some relationships and contacts very intentionally with indigenous artists in our community," she adds.

Listen to the CIVL interview with Jade Geleynse below: