Holiday spirit lights up Sutton one window at a time

A sign reads, "once upon a time a Christmas tale illuminated the windows of Sutton." Photo coutesy of D'Arts de Rêves.
Holly Mueller - CIDI - KnowltonQC | 07-12-2020
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The main street of Sutton will be well-lit this holiday season.

Patsy Van Roost, artist in residence at D’Arts de Rêves, is displaying her latest project — "A Tale in the Window" — through light boxes in the windows of local businesses.

“It’s a tale that was written by two writers here in Sutton, with the help of the kids at the Sutton school, as well as some seniors from town,” said Natasha Evoy, communications and assistant coordinator at D’Arts de Rêves.

The tale is based on the history of Sutton and the reality of living there today. Van Roost collaborated with Grade 5 and 6 students at both the French and English schools, local seniors and the LaRoche family, who are known locally for their singing.

The tale is told through an advent calendar. Behind each door of the advent calendar is an address and that address leads to the business where a window will light up that night.

“Each day a sentence of the tale will light up in a light box,” said Evoy.

The first window lit up on Dec. 1 and the last one will light Dec. 24. The story is slowly piecing together and will remain lit in Sutton windows, in its entirety, until Jan. 3.

“The artist Patsy had actually done a similar project in Montreal back in 2014 I believe it was in a way she was kind of on her own on Christmas and she was trying to find a way to bring people together and outside of their homes to celebrate as a community rather than each person in their own homes,” said Evoy.

This project was designed so everyone can view it from outside, at their own convenience, at safe distance during the pandemic.

“A Tale in the Window” is striving to “break the isolation and bring people together,” Evoy said.

Here is Natasha Evoy speaking with CIDI: