Deus Ex Macina shares their love of coffee on Saturday mornings

An espresso grinder and machine are next to one another, with a pitcher of milk rested under the steam wand.
Deus Ex Macina serves espresso-based beverages every Saturday morning. Photo courtesy of Alice Cotton and Pete Stephenson.
Meg Cunningham - CHMA - SackvilleNB | 07-12-2020
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Alice Cotton and Pete Stephenson are serving up a well-loved treat every Saturday at the Sackville Farmers’ Market: coffee!

Cotton and Stephenson are partners in life, as well as business, and started brewing professionally just a few months ago.

Their repurposed Belliveau Orchard truck, named “Beatrice,” can be found next to Pi By Crow on Main Street.

Nearly everything in the truck is upcycled, thrifted and repaired with love.

They are proud to share their love of espresso under the name “Deus Ex Macina.”

The full conversation with Cotton and Stephenson is available here:

Grab a cup of espresso every Saturday morning at the Sackville Farmers’ Market, 45 Main St.