Former professional wrestler brings the sport back to Six Nations community

Nick Wyman sitting behind microphone in the CKRZ FM studio
Nick Wyman brings pro wrestling back to Six Nations. Photo by David Moses.
CKRZ - 100.3 FM - CKRZ - OhswekenON | 22-09-2022
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Nick Wyman, the former professional wrestler from Six Nations, is bringing the sport back to the community this weekend.

The Championship Wrestling International (CWI) event is being held this Saturday (Sept. 24), at the Gathering Place by the Grand. Wyman has sponsored the championship every ten years for the last two decades.

The event will feature eight champion wrestlers like Rene Dupree, Chris Masters, Steve the Brooklyn Brawler Lombardi.

Although COVID-19 affected the timing of the ten year anniversary for the Championship Wrestling International (CWI) event, Wyman said it didn’t deter him following through on what has become a bit of a tradition for him.

And it isn’t just about wrestling: every time Wyman puts on one of these events, he makes sure to support a local charity in the community. This year, the CWI event is supporting the Six Nations Caretakers, an organization that wants to create a safer environment for youth on Six Nations through a community-based solution to crime prevention. Tickets are already 90 per cent sold out.

Listen to the entire interview with Nick Wyman, hosted by David Moses on CKRZ's "Compelling Conversations" below: