Dog bylaw amended to allow more flexibility for guide dogs, service and support animals

A picture of a small terrier dog with white fur and brownish highlights on their head. It is wearing a service dog vest; a piece of paper sticks out of the vest's pocket. Behind the service dog is the bottom end of someone's light green patterned dress.
The county has amended its dog bylaw for guide dogs, service animals and support animals. Photo by Bob Klannukarn.
CJPE - 99.3 FM - CJPE - PictonON | 22-09-2022
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Prince Edward County Council approved of an amendment to the county’s dog licensing bylaw to now include definitions for support dogs on Tuesday (Sept. 20).

The proposed changes were brought forward by (Picton) Coun. Kate MacNaughton for the sake of fostering an “inclusive community where people of all abilities can participate,” in accordance with provincial accessibility regulations.

Definitions for guide dogs, service animal, and support animals are to be included in the dog licensing bylaw in order to help clarify the rights and responsibilities of those aided by these animals. Furthermore, a dog that meets the definition of a “service animal” or “support animal” will no longer be included in calculations to determine maximum number of allowable dogs for a resident.

Listen to the full story below: