Five in the race to become mayor of Nelson, B.C

Exterior image of Nelson city hall. The building is center in the shot, with trees in the foreground, and a grey sky.
Nelson city hall. Photo by John Rune/KCR News.
John Rune - CJLY - KootenayBC | 16-09-2022
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A month before residents in Nelson, B.C head to the polls to select a new city government for the next four years, five candidates have stepped forward to become mayor of the city.

Current Mayor John Dooley has announced he will enter the race to seek a fifth term on the city's top job. Should Dooley, 74, win, it would make him the longest serving mayor in the city's history. He was first elected in 2005, and lost in 2014 to Deb Kozak, and was later reelected in 2018.

He is challenged by three-term city councillor Janice Morrison, who says she wants to see more transparency in city hall and lower post-pandemic taxes.

In the race are also three new competitors for the title of mayor.

KCR News reporter John Rune and Kootenay Morning host Darren Davidson break down the race for a seat on local government – listen to the interview below: