Dune-du-Nord Wind Farm expected to be operational next month after delays

A view of the windmills from Point Aux Loups.
The two windmills as seen from Point Aux Loups. Photo by Pierre Aucion, CFIM.
Jonathan Patton - - Cap-Aux-MeulesQC | 21-11-2020

The Dune-du-Nord Wind Farm should finally be completed by mid-December, despite the delays in construction due to weather.

The strong fall winds have caused headaches for the contractor responsible for erecting the towers, limiting the possibility of working to a few half-days a week. The wind farm was initially scheduled to be done in July and then postponed to mid-October.

Hugo Bouchard, project manager and president of Plan A Capital, explains that this is the main cause of the delay, although the pandemic has disrupted the delivery sequence of the parts, which were scheduled to arrive this spring.

He considers that most of the imponderables that could cause delays are now behind them, while the towers are erected and the blades are installed.

The final work consists mainly of making some electrical connections and testing the installations.

As for the delay in commissioning, Bouchard estimates that this represents revenue losses of several hundred thousand dollars for the partners, but that these will be recouped over the duration of the contract, which will begin once the park is in operation.

Here is Hugo Bouchard speaking with CFIM (in French): 

Hydro-Quebec has signed a 6.4 megawatt supply contract for a period of 20 years.

Bouchard hopes to be able to hold an event to inaugurate the Wind Farm next spring if the sanitary context allows it.

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