Abbotsford police chief talks collaboration with Surrey PD, other departments

An Abbotsford Police car on Concrete
Mike Serr, the Abbotsford police chief, spoke about their work with other police stations. Photo by Surjit Atwal.
Surjit Atwal - CIVL - AbbotsfordBC | 22-07-2022
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Abbotsford police chief Mike Serr says the Abbotsford Police Department shares information with other police departments across the Fraser Valley when needed, especially for certain crimes or conflicts.

"With the gang conflict, it knows no boundaries," Serr said. "There are monthly meetings all the local jurisdictions are part of."

"Intelligence is shared is at a very high level and that is really important," he added. "If we do have ever have an incident, they are there to support us and we are there to support them."

The Abbotsford Police department has all of their meeting information on their website.

Listen to the CIVL interview with Serr below: