Cortes Island docks, local harbor authority recommend some easy steps to ensure security

A smiling blonde haired woman in a grey shirt stands in front of a forest.
Harbour Authority of Cortes Island manager Jenny Hartwick. Photo by Greg Osoba.
Greg Osoba - CKTZ - Cortes IslandBC | 23-07-2022
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Summer is the busiest time of year for recreational boaters, and docks on Cortes Island are popular.

Harbour Authority of Cortes Island Manager Jenny Hartwick anticipates one of the busiest seasons on record. She advises vessel owners to secure valuable items on board in a locked area and encourages them to call the RCMP if anything goes missing and to advise the Harbour Authority as well.

Several vessels are tied up at a dock with islands in the background.

Mansons Landing government dock. Photo by Greg Osoba.

Hartwick says so far she isn't aware of any thefts this year from docks on Cortes Island. She adds that a number of the Authority's docks have security cameras.

Hartwick says in past year's there have been issues of over crowding at some docks. But, she believes the situation is being mitigated somewhat with a new reservation system having been introduced at the beginning of April.

Hartwick provides details in the interview with CKTZ News below: